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Emily offers community development services that ensures thoughtful programming, inclusive processes and professional results. Emily believes that strong relationships form the basis of successful collaborations. She designs processes and projects that honor stakeholder perspective and knowledge while incorporating insights from the latest research, best practices, and existing models that have proven impact. Emily has years of experience managing large, complex projects that combine physical improvements with engagement and programming to achieve transformational goals for the communities she serves. Scroll down to see project examples and read a little more about her experience. Emily possesses expertise in the following domains:

  • Public Art Administration

  • Community Engagement 

  • Special Events

  • Urban Design

  • Film and Media

  • Economic Development

  • Grant Management

  • Commercial Revitalization

  • Organizational Change



In my previous role of Senior Planner in the Office of Neighborhood Vitality, I created the pilot Neighborhood Enhancement Program with the support and participation of Neighborhood Services Manager, Scott Bollinger, the Garland City Council, community leaders, and residents.

The program utilized physical revitalization projects to catalyze community engagement, enhance place identity, and add meaning and beauty to people's lives. The program included engagement and special events programming to complement physical improvements by fostering a sense of community, educating on topics important to neighborhood residents, and by providing experiences that lead to lasting memories. 

Each project was unique and focused on goals important to neighborhood residents. Examples include the city's first public art installations, partnerships with local schools on public sculpture and events, park enhancements like outdoor fitness equipment, lighting, butterfly garden, a small community garden, neighborhood entry signage and landscaping, a film about the City's first historically African American neighborhood developed during segregation, among others.

While managing the Neighborhood Enhancement Program, I concurrently directed the Neighborhood Vitality Matching Grant Program which offers funding and support to neighborhood organizations for physical improvements to neighborhoods and led special events on behalf of the City. Prior to my work in the public sector, I worked in commercial real estate as a project manager for the retail sales group at JLL, and served as a graduate research assistant for the University of Texas at Austin. The insights gained from working in both the public and commercial sides of the community development process provide a unique perspective that allows me to take into account a diverse set of needs and goals when designing and leading projects that foster successful outcomes for all stakeholders. I am also a practicing professional artist and approach programs and problems with a creative eye. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had in these past roles, and I am excited to offer my expertise and insight to community groups, non-profits, and governmental organizations. 

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