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Reiki and Energy Work

For those who are not familiar, reiki is an energy work practice of Japanese origin that utilizes hovering and laying of hands, as well as consciousness and energy transmission (in distant work). The energy and intention that is transmitted is life force energy, a commonly recognized aspect of existence in many spiritual traditions throughout the world, commonly known as prana, chi, qi, among others. These practices have been studied to produce effects of relaxation and to aid in healing and recovery of physical and emotional trauma. From my experience, energy work practices have the ability to contribute to deep healing, revelation, and personal transformation. 

I have been practicing energy work for over ten years, primarily from the school of quantum touch (see Richard Gordon's work on the subject), and in 2018 completed reiki master training under the guidance of Jennifer Cunnings, a spiritual teacher and healer in the Dallas, Texas area. My approach to healing is gentle and intuitive, and is customized to each person's individual needs. 

I currently offer in person sessions in the Philadelphia area and distance sessions for those outside the metro area. If you would like to learn more about energy work and what I offer, send me a message on the contact page. I offer treatments on a sliding scale to accommodate diverse financial situations. 

Reiki Treatment
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